Burly Men at Sea (PS4)

  Burly Men at Sea is a pleasant little game reminiscent of fanciful childhood stories. Described by many as a visual novel, this title developed by Brain&Brain follows the adventures of three burly and bearded Scandinavian men as they set sail looking for adventure. Their escapades bring them into contact with creatures from folklore along with several odd characters that fit seamlessly into the world the game creates. … Continue reading Burly Men at Sea (PS4)

No Man’s Sky: Nearly a Year Later

No Man's Sky_20170531174033This time last year I waited with much anticipation for No Man’s Sky which eventually released August 9, 2016 (NA) on PlayStation 4 and PC. If you haven’t heard of it, and the ensuing backlash in particular, I don’t know if you’re incredibly fortunate or were sleeping under a rock for the year.

Last year on my old blog I wrote about my excitement for No Man’s Sky and how a childhood fantasy was potentially coming true :

As a kid, I read voraciously from Asimov to books about the Milky Way. Once upon a time, I even wanted to be an astronaut or an astrophysicist. My mind took me to wild places after watching Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate. I have always possessed an infatuation with space. So now that one of the most ambitious games of more recent years is on the verge of its release, I can’t help but be filled with anticipation.

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My Console Conversion (not really, but…)

For half of February and most of March, I spent a lot of my time, when at home, monitoring one of my pets who developed a serious condition. Being holed up in the living room with my buddy lead to a fair bit of gaming on my PlayStation 4. That, in turn, lead me to think about my gaming history and my move from primarily gaming on a PC to the PS4.tech

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