I am a cohost on the Pretty Pixels Podcast! Pretty Pixels was started by me and Joey (A New Game Plus) as another outlet for our interest in all things video games. Join us, and our dear friends Paul and Ron, as we gush over video games.

Disco Elysium Game Club Pt 2 Pretty Pixels Podcast

Hey, coppers, get in the kineema, we’re headed to discover The Pale. We are limited on time this week, so we cut almost straight to the Disco Elysium talk. We’re joined again by special guest Taylor Carlson, but we’re down a Ron (who wasn’t feeling well). We’d all finished the game by the time of recording, so [with FULL SPOILERS] we cover the ending, our stats and personality types, Kim Kitsuragi, the tribunal, the cryptid, more Cuno, what was in that locked shipping container, fatphobia, and Kim Kitsuragi. Did I mention we talk about Kim Kitsuragi? Also, Content Warnings for SA, harassment, suicide. We also share some new developments regarding the future of the podcast – we may be able to continue! We’re going to take a week or two off to make 100% sure we can, and to give Joey time to adjust to his new work schedule, but we hope to see you again in a few short weeks. Until then, feel free to hit us up with emails! What are some things you’d like us to discuss on future episodes? Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @randommox (Tab) and @ConAffettoKiko (Taylor) 00:01:40: An update about the status and future of the podcast! 00:03:11: A brief update on Joey’s quest to find Diana in Animal Crossing New Horizons 00:05:20: Disco Elysium game club part 2! Intro is an excerpt from "Phasmid Reveal" and outro is an excerpt from "Protorave," both from the official Disco Elysium soundtrack (https://seapower.bandcamp.com/album/disco-elysium) used under Fair Use but with gratitude to Sea Power and ZA/UM.
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