Screenshot: Gaming Roundup (2021-May 2022)

2021 2021 ended up being a wild and unpredictable year in several ways. I started a new academic job somewhat last minute, bought a house, and moved states away. Amidst the excitement and chaos, gaming remained a constant in my life. Some of the games I played in 2021 feel like a distant memory already, but I wanted to include them in this post for … Continue reading Screenshot: Gaming Roundup (2021-May 2022)

Nostalgia: Harvest Moon 64

Video game-related nostalgia is something that crops up every now and then, particularly in winter when I find myself spending more time inside seeking comfy experiences and entertainment. For a few reasons, winter tends to be a reflective season for me. In that vein, I decided to work on a little video project where I discussed nostalgia and one of my favorite games–Harvest Moon 64. Continue reading Nostalgia: Harvest Moon 64

Screenshot: Knife Sisters

Knife Sisters (2019, PC), from Bobbi Sand and Transcenders Media, is a visual novel that explores consent and relationships via a diverse cast of twenty-somethings. Players experience this story of (mis)adventure, anxiety, and community through the perspective of Leo, who is nonbinary (!!), socially awkward, and seemingly incapable of feeling love. Leo lives among and adjacent to characters such as Ayana (Leo’s best friend) and … Continue reading Screenshot: Knife Sisters