About Me

IMG_5433Hello, I’m Tab (they/them), and welcome to my website. Here you’ll find my comments and musings on all things related to video games and education. Sometimes those two areas will intersect, and other times I will relate observations of my teaching experiences and offer general thoughts on whatever game I’m playing.

I grew up in a small town in central Michigan and became absorbed in the digital worlds of such games as Age of Empires, The Elder Scrolls, Nancy Drew, and KotOR. I slowly graduated from a Nintendo Game Boy to a used laptop my dad saved from the trash. I was hooked.

These days I’m still an avid gamer (mostly playing RPGs), but I’m also an educator who approaches games and their respective communities from a more critical perspective. While I’ve always been interested in video games, this interest took a professional turn during my graduate studies. There I taught a first-year composition course founded on gaming principles and that used video games as texts. My research in preparation for the course culminated in a fairly sizeable stack of books regarding video game theory, video games in education, visual and digital literacies, and discourse communities. That is partly why I have this blog–to share and discuss my passion for teaching and gaming along with, hopefully, offering a starting point for educators interested in the educational value of video games and other digital media.

Hope you enjoy and follow along!