Firewatch: An Indie Gem [minor spoilers]

(Feb. 29, 2016)Firewatch is an indie game people will be talking about at the end of the year when all those top 10 lists of 2016 start rolling out. I feel confident in this because the game, while brief, is driven by a depth of character development not frequently found in video games. Henry and Delilah seem like real people. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to walk into a bar in Boulder, Colorado and see Henry sitting there finally chatting with Delilah face-to-face (let a girl dream!). I would probably snag the booth behind them and eavesdrop shamelessly. The relationship between them is enough to motivate me to play Firewatch multiple times.

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Press Start: Playing Video Games to Learn

Despite being associated with such words as “aggression,” “violence,” and “sexism,” video games have found their way into elementary, secondary, and even college classrooms (for many good reasons). Some games are certainly deserving of criticism, and this is one reason why educators should carefully select the games they use with students. Still, many ask questions relating to the “why?” factor. Why play video games? This question can be branched … Continue reading Press Start: Playing Video Games to Learn