Knife Sisters Review

Knife Sisters (2019, PC), from Bobbi Sand and Transcenders Media, is a visual novel that explores consent and relationships via a diverse cast of twenty-somethings. Players experience this story of (mis)adventure, anxiety, and community through the perspective of Leo, who is nonbinary (!!), socially awkward, and seemingly incapable of feeling love. Leo lives among and adjacent to characters such as Ayana (Leo’s best friend) and … Continue reading Knife Sisters Review

Indie Spot! | Orwell

Orwell, developed by Osmotic Studios, thrusts players into a situation of surveillance, where the behavior of citizens is scrutinized for the purpose of identifying threats of national security. The game begins with a terrorist act in which several individuals are killed in an explosion, which spurs The Nation to act via a system called Orwell. As an outsider to The Nation, the player has been chosen … Continue reading Indie Spot! | Orwell

Indie Spot! | Emily is Away Too

Emily is Away Too (2017) is a celebratory return to the early 2000s and a walk through that tumultuous period when teenagers are expected to transition into adulthood. This indie project, developed by Kyle Seeley, is best described as a visual novel that occurs in the context of an instant messenger, EOL. Oh yeah, and there’s Facenook and YouToob too. 😉 Full disclosure, I have not played … Continue reading Indie Spot! | Emily is Away Too