Switch: Digital Purchases [May 1-23]

While most of my time with the Switch has been spent playing Breath of the Wild, I managed to peel myself away from it long enough to check out the eShop and grab a few games of interest.Snipperclips


In many ways, Snipperclips is a simple game, but it’s a gem. It tasks players with cutting out various shapes to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, which can be done in single-player mode or co-op, and with up to four players. This game might sound too simple, but it really is a charming game I’ve been recommending everyone try.

I’ve played Snipperclips with several friends now, and each time I found myself smiling at the humorous animations, playful music, and silly movements/actions required to complete each level. This game is also fun and appropriate for children and is well worth the price ($19.99).

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Puyo Puyo Tetris


I haven’t played much of Puyo Puyo Tetris, but when I did, Tetris was my focus. I won’t pretend to know all the nuances of either game, but this title is an interesting match-up that includes several game modes and a campaign. Some may find the price ($39.99) a bit steep for this crossover, but I can see the value for the right player. Given more time and enough practice, I can see myself returning to this game with friends quite a bit.

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NBA Playgrounds


I’ve seen this game get a lot of flack, specifically the Switch version, but I have, for the most part, enjoyed Playgrounds. My biggest complaint has to do with the AI; at times it is easy to manipulate, too easy, and other times it has god-tier plays. Hopefully, the game gets a significant patch soon because it has some serious potential for fun. The downgraded graphics don’t really bother me, but this might be an issue for some players. If the developers patch this version and don’t abandon it, I think Playgrounds is fairly priced ($19.99).

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That’s essentially my wrap-up of game purchases for May. Once I’ve finished Breath of the Wild, which I am in no hurry to do, I will probably peruse the eShop more and have lengthier write-ups for such games. And hey, maybe we’ll get some sweet announcements during E3!

2 thoughts on “Switch: Digital Purchases [May 1-23]

  1. Playgrounds looked pretty neat! Not a big sports game guy myself but was thinking of getting it to play with the fiancée (she loves basketball). We’ve had a terrific time playing Snipperclips, though!

    Kamiko is a fun, quick $5 blast of 2D Zelda-like running around, hacking down enemies. Reminds me a lot of Hammerwatch. Completable in 2-3 hours but worth $5 in my opinion.

    Fast RMX is a blast of excitement if fast racing is your thing, a-la F-Zero!

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