Stardew Valley: Revisited

  Sometime in 2015 I heard about an indie project called Stardew Valley. It piqued my interest because of its similarities with the Harvest Moon franchise, which has always held a place in my heart. When ConcernedApe’s game released in February of 2016, I immediately made the purchase. I even wrote a short piece on my previous blog (now re-posted here on The Gaming Teacher … Continue reading Stardew Valley: Revisited

Timeless? | Dr. Mario

  Like with my two other “Timeless?” posts, I’m going to talk briefly about a memorable game from my childhood, Dr. Mario. I had the opportunity to play this classic over the weekend along with a few other NES games. Dr. Mario released in 1990 and is a falling block game akin to Tetris. In similar fashion, capsules, which can be rotated, must be matched … Continue reading Timeless? | Dr. Mario

Switch: Digital Purchases [May 1-23]

While most of my time with the Switch has been spent playing Breath of the Wild, I managed to peel myself away from it long enough to check out the eShop and grab a few games of interest.Snipperclips


In many ways, Snipperclips is a simple game, but it’s a gem. It tasks players with cutting out various shapes to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, which can be done in single-player mode or co-op, and with up to four players. This game might sound too simple, but it really is a charming game I’ve been recommending everyone try. Continue reading “Switch: Digital Purchases [May 1-23]”