Knife Sisters Review

Knife Sisters (2019, PC), from Bobbi Sand and Transcenders Media, is a visual novel that explores consent and relationships via a diverse cast of twenty-somethings. Players experience this story of (mis)adventure, anxiety, and community through the perspective of Leo, who is nonbinary (!!), socially awkward, and seemingly incapable of feeling love. Leo lives among and adjacent to characters such as Ayana (Leo’s best friend) and … Continue reading Knife Sisters Review

2018 in Games: What I’ve Played (so far)

With my time spent on summer vacation and the current E3 hype, I’ve had ample opportunity and reason to reflect on the games I’ve played this year along with the games I’m looking forward to starting. So I thought I’d write a bit about both today. Games Played: Sea of Thieves (Xbox One) Sea of Thieves is one of those games I saw announced at E3 … Continue reading 2018 in Games: What I’ve Played (so far)