Press Start: Reflecting on My Teaching and Looking Ahead

In 2017, I wrote my first post in the “Press Start” series. The series highlights ways gaming can be incorporated into college-level writing classes. Since that first post, I’ve grown a lot in general and as an educator. I’ve been teaching rhetoric/composition courses for nine years and much has changed, including how I use video games and other media in the classroom. When I started … Continue reading Press Start: Reflecting on My Teaching and Looking Ahead

Summer Blogging Goals & Update

It’s a double post kind of day! 😛 While summer doesn’t technically start for a few weeks, I’ve been thinking ahead about my goals for the next few months. I’m finally getting the blog to a place where I’m generally happy with its appearance (you may have noticed a theme change and some reorganization of categories/posts), and I have been keeping up with publishing 1-2 … Continue reading Summer Blogging Goals & Update

Press Start: Video Games in the Composition Classroom

write-593333_1920What do video games have to offer writers? This is an important question that educators should ask when considering the implementation of video games as texts in the composition classroom. While the study of classic literature is a bit passe in writing classes, a wide variety of texts are regularly studied to instruct students regarding sound composing practices. Many composition approaches and pedagogies place an emphasis on voice, self expression, process, audience, purpose, genre, and collaboration (conferencing, peer review, workshopping, etc.). Continue reading “Press Start: Video Games in the Composition Classroom”