Thoughts on Twitch

downloadI’m always a bit surprised when I’m blathering on about something Twitch-related and the person I’m speaking to stares back blankly. Twitch?

I really shouldn’t blame them. After all, it was only four years ago that I stumbled upon I honestly can’t remember the exact circumstances of how I found Twitch; I was probably looking at some gaming YouTube page and clicked on the “streaming” link. However I found it, Twitch has been an integral part of my gaming life ever since. Continue reading “Thoughts on Twitch”

Press Start: Twitch as a Discourse Community

During the fall 2015 semester, I taught four composition courses at a local university. I decided to focus on discourse communities for one major writing assignment in my two sophomore-level courses. In particular, I discussed a popular livestreaming website, Twitch (, as my primary example for this assignment.Before diving too deeply into my example and its application in class, I would like to define/describe two … Continue reading Press Start: Twitch as a Discourse Community