Thoughts on This War of Mine: The Little Ones

(Feb. 15, 2016)

These past few weeks I spent some time playing This War of Mine: The Little Ones (TWoM). While TWoM is a game I will certainly return to over time, I have experienced enough of the hardships of war in my 7+ hour playthrough for the time being. The game is beautiful in that it is profound, but this is coupled with the weight of war and its consequences on civilians.


TWoM is a game where players take control of a number of civilians struggling to survive amidst a war-torn city. Players must manage each character’s level of hunger, health, comfort, and sense of safety while constantly sending characters out into the dangers of the city at night to scavenge for everything from precious food to crafting materials. Characters can be injured in skirmishes, bleed out and die, and become so catatonic they refuse to move or be consoled. I haven’t experience this yet, but I have also heard that characters can become so depressed as to commit suicide. The reality of war and its impact on civilians is inescapable in TWoM. And that’s the point. Adding to this somber experience is the major difference between this game and the previous releases on PC and mobile–children are now thrown into the mix.  Continue reading “Thoughts on This War of Mine: The Little Ones”