Timeless? | Dr. Mario

  Like with my two other “Timeless?” posts, I’m going to talk briefly about a memorable game from my childhood, Dr. Mario. I had the opportunity to play this classic over the weekend along with a few other NES games. Dr. Mario released in 1990 and is a falling block game akin to Tetris. In similar fashion, capsules, which can be rotated, must be matched … Continue reading Timeless? | Dr. Mario

Timeless? | Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition

One of the very first Star Wars games I ever played, one of my first PC games period, was Star Wars: TIE Fighter. I remember being so incredibly excited to buy a joystick and start playing on my father’s computer in the basement. For the record, it was finished and not your typical creepy Michigan basement. I grew up as a huge Star Wars fan, … Continue reading Timeless? | Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition

Reflection: Games from My Childhood

Recently, with games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 releasing and providing me with a fresh breath of gaming air, I paused a moment to consider the video games I have played and why I tend to lean towards certain kinds of games. This naturally led me to think about some of the games I remember most from my childhood and how those games continue to impact my choices today.What follows is a list of video games from my youth that stand out in some way. They aren’t necessarily the best games, in fact, I’m pretty sure some of them scored pretty low among critics and players, but they are some of the earliest instances of my genre preferences. The games below aren’t listed in any particular order. Continue reading “Reflection: Games from My Childhood”