Timeless? | Dr. Mario

  Like with my two other “Timeless?” posts, I’m going to talk briefly about a memorable game from my childhood, Dr. Mario. I had the opportunity to play this classic over the weekend along with a few other NES games. Dr. Mario released in 1990 and is a falling block game akin to Tetris. In similar fashion, capsules, which can be rotated, must be matched … Continue reading Timeless? | Dr. Mario

Timeless? | Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition

One of the very first Star Wars games I ever played, one of my first PC games period, was Star Wars: TIE Fighter. I remember being so incredibly excited to buy a joystick and start playing on my father’s computer in the basement. For the record, it was finished and not your typical creepy Michigan basement. I grew up as a huge Star Wars fan, … Continue reading Timeless? | Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition