No Man’s Sky: Nearly a Year Later

No Man's Sky_20170531174033This time last year I waited with much anticipation for No Man’s Sky which eventually released August 9, 2016 (NA) on PlayStation 4 and PC. If you haven’t heard of it, and the ensuing backlash in particular, I don’t know if you’re incredibly fortunate or were sleeping under a rock for the year.

Last year on my old blog I wrote about my excitement for No Man’s Sky and how a childhood fantasy was potentially coming true :

As a kid, I read voraciously from Asimov to books about the Milky Way. Once upon a time, I even wanted to be an astronaut or an astrophysicist. My mind took me to wild places after watching Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate. I have always possessed an infatuation with space. So now that one of the most ambitious games of more recent years is on the verge of its release, I can’t help but be filled with anticipation.

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Thoughts: Far Cry 5


Originally I was going to write a post picking apart the arguments of those unhappy with Far Cry 5 which typically fell into the following: “it’s anti-christian and an attack on Christian Fundamentalism,” “here goes Ubisoft, getting political on us and pushing an agenda,” “why aren’t the bad guys Muslim?” and “way to make fun of the middle class.” But after the long weekend and taking some time away from the Internet, I decided those weak arguments aren’t worth it. Whew.

Instead, I would like to offer a short post where I simply discuss the direction Ubisoft seems to be going with this latest installment in the franchise. Continue reading “Thoughts: Far Cry 5”

Switch: Digital Purchases [May 1-23]

While most of my time with the Switch has been spent playing Breath of the Wild, I managed to peel myself away from it long enough to check out the eShop and grab a few games of interest.Snipperclips


In many ways, Snipperclips is a simple game, but it’s a gem. It tasks players with cutting out various shapes to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, which can be done in single-player mode or co-op, and with up to four players. This game might sound too simple, but it really is a charming game I’ve been recommending everyone try. Continue reading “Switch: Digital Purchases [May 1-23]”

Thoughts on Twitch

downloadI’m always a bit surprised when I’m blathering on about something Twitch-related and the person I’m speaking to stares back blankly. Twitch?

I really shouldn’t blame them. After all, it was only four years ago that I stumbled upon I honestly can’t remember the exact circumstances of how I found Twitch; I was probably looking at some gaming YouTube page and clicked on the “streaming” link. However I found it, Twitch has been an integral part of my gaming life ever since. Continue reading “Thoughts on Twitch”