Saints Row (PS5, 2022)

A fun yet limited romp. Saints Row tells a rags-to-riches story within familiar framing–play a boss who, with the help of allies, tackles missions spread throughout a city (Santo Ileso). This third-person action-adventure game will have you shoot up bad guys, complete a decent selection of missions, and even larp (these were among my favorite sequences in the game). Various villains block the protagonist’s path … Continue reading Saints Row (PS5, 2022)

Inventing Narratives as Gaming Practice

Video games provide space for the imagination When I was a teenager, I played a ton of Rollercoaster Tycoon. I was a theme park manager in charge of a slew of parks. It was my responsibility to keep the books in the green lest the stakeholders got antsy. This required planning for the future, considering the park’s design, and managing the experiences of my guests. … Continue reading Inventing Narratives as Gaming Practice