Some thoughts on controllers? Yep!

If I told you I had some anxiety every time a new console released, would you be surprised to learn that my feelings centered on the design and weight of the controller?

Perhaps that is a silly thing to fret about, but I have small hands. When I bought a PS3, I wasn’t completely happy with the DualShock. The size was okay, but it felt just a little clunky. However, it felt better to hold than the Xbox 360 controller, so I didn’t complain too much. When the PS4 released, I grew to really love the updated controller–a smooth and light controller that felt and looked good. I enjoyed the DualShock 4 so much I ended up buying several in a few different colors (with the Wave Blue and Electric Purple being my favorites).

So when the PS5 was announced, I was VERY excited. But in the back of my mind I wondered (and worried) about the new controller. As a gamer with a decent collection of consoles and peripherals, I’ve developed some…preferences. The comfort factor is obviously significant if you play games with any regularity. The PS4’s DualShock was just about perfect. The Switch’s Joy-Cons almost seem made for smaller hands–the buttons are close together and the Joy-Cons are small. However, they don’t offer much finger support. Of course the Switch Pro Controller is a great alternative if you’re looking for more substance. The Xbox Wireless Controller is…fine. In my more limited experience with Microsoft’s consoles, I just haven’t been as happy with the feel of their controllers. The Steam Controller was also just fine. It’s cool in its capabilities and use of the dual trackpads but would bother my hands with prolonged use.

Beyond comfort, I look for fun colors with my controllers. By the time I bought my Glacier White PS4 Pro, there were plenty of official options for controllers along with custom options on various websites. So of course I bought a Wave Blue DualShock and one in purple. I really love those controllers. The blue one is definitely showing some wear at this point as it was my go-to for so long. I bought the purple one in 2020 and haven’t had to use it much because of the PS5. I remember being a little bummed about that initially. I had purchased it knowing that I would likely need new controllers for the PS5 and that it would be awhile before a range of colors would be available for the DualSense. And, as it has turned out, I haven’t gotten much use out of it since essentially retiring the PS4. It’s still a pretty addition to the collection regardless.

When I managed to secure a pre-order for the PS5, I knew that I would want to add some color to the white and black console. But it took a little while before any reliable options were available. Based on my friend’s recommendation, I went with ColorWare and designed a blue controller. The body and trackpad consist of “Techno Matte” while “Abyss Matte” fills the middle. I opted to keep the original button colors, though that can be customized too!

I was very excited about my purchase, and knew I would have to wait roughly five weeks for it to arrive. It ended up taking seven and a half weeks due to a delay, but it finally arrived today, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase! The blues add a nice pop of color next to the PS5. It’s sitting on the charging dock now, and I can’t wait to resume my playthrough of Far Cry 5 using it.

It seems that no matter how many controllers I collect for a given console, I always gravitate toward one that becomes my favorite, the controller I pick up and associate with certain games or gaming moments. The blue DualShock was like that for me. I can remember beating my way through certain areas in God of War and playing through minigames in Yakuza 0 holding that controller. Maybe this new blue DualSense will be that one for my time with the PS5.

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  1. Oh I can understand this. I’m always worried about figuring out the configuration of the buttons because it’s something else I need to memorize and I often get them mixed up. My husband has the opposite problem with controllers. He has larger hands so is worried about it being too cramped. I find the Switch joycons to be a decent size for me plus I use the console as a handheld mostly anyway. I think my least favorite controller is the N64. Such an odd, clunky thing.

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