30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 5

Missile_Command_flyerDay 5 – Favorite Retro Game
Missile Command was released by Atari in 1980, a decade before I was born. Yet it is one of the oldest games I’ve experienced. I first played it on my grandmother’s computer. It’s funny to think now that my grandmother was a source of video games in my childhood, but in an unintentional way she was. She had one of those CD-ROM collections with something like 30+ classic games on a single disc. I can remember sitting at her old Dell desktop rapidly clicking to protect my besieged cities. I can’t tell you how far I got in the game, but I remember it being one of the first games that kept me coming back. I had to get a high score. I just had to. It brings a smile to my face now picturing those fireballs on screen.

If you’re interested in my responses to the rest of the challenge, check out the first post here.

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