30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 2


Day 2: Game You Love to Play with Friends
I had to think about this one a bit since I mostly play single-player games, but this past fall I tried Everybody’s Golf and was immediately hooked. While most of my play time was spent with one friend in particular, I also got in a few sessions with 3+ people.

Everybody’s Golf is goofy yet charming, offering arcade golf at its best. Playing with friends was a blast, and I think the light-hearted tone and style of the game is part of what keeps it from devolving into a frustrating experience for new players. You can customize your avatars, and nearly every game will result in boosted stats and equipment. It also offers a variety of unlockable courses that help keep the game fresh. I’m not a fan of IRL golf, and I wasn’t always the best at this game, but Everybody’s Golf gave me the most fun I’ve ever had with a sports game.

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